Hye Pointe Equestrian Centre offers private and group riding lessons riders of all ages, focusing on both horsemanship and riding.  Specializing in the english discipline of hunter jumper, at Hye Pointe, our goal is provide a fun and safe environment in which to learn.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons that are tailored to you and your horse’s goals.  We believe that horsemanship is just as important as the riding aspects.  Our lesson are 45-60 minutes has of when lesson time starts.

Group Lessons

If you and your friend want to ride together the group lesson is for you.  There is a minimum of two and a maximum of four riders per group lesson.  Our lessons are 45-60 minutes as of when lesson time starts.

Show Team

The Hye Pointe Show Team travels to both local and away “A” shows.  Currently we focus on the Hunter/Jumper circuits while occasionally branching out to the Eventing and Dressage circuit. At the beginning of each show season we provide our show team members with a list of shows we plan on attending and ask that they provide us with a list of shows they wish to possibly attend.  Cost for showing varies based on many factors such as location, rating, number of classes, level of classes, number of members attending, etc…  We do our best to provide an accurate cost estimate for each show, well ahead of time.  Most members have additional private or group lessons throughout the month but it is not a requirement.  We do enforce a dress code.

Attire & Safety

For beginners lessons: Breeches/tights, a shoe or boot with a low heel (no sandals or tennis shoe) and we provide a helmet for your first few lessons.  We require that after the first few lessons you purchase your own black riding helmet (no plastic), riding breeches/tights, and boots.  We are available to help you with your purchases.

Dressage Lessons

Hyepointe is now pleased to offer dressage lessons with trainer Alisha Cygan. Alisha offers private lessons at $45 for boarders and $55 for haul-ins. With 20 years of equine experience, Alisha offers the experience of an USDF Silver medalist. Under the guidance of FEI trainers, Alisha trained her first horse to the FEI levels. She earned her USDF bronze and silver medals on Celtic Sunset, her Arabian gelding. Since retiring “Set”, she has continued to train young horses of many different breeds.

Dressage training offers riders the opportunity to create a better partnership, with there horses. By helping the rider find balance, suppleness and symmetry to improve performance in the ring, regardless of the discipline. Dressage helps to hon the rider’s skill, to learn when and where the horse has placed its foot in order add aids at the right time allowing the horse to become softer and more responsive.

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